ICAIA 2015

September 18th, 2014

ICAIA 2015 – Empowering Innovative Agroindustry for Natural Resource, Bioenergy and Food Sovereignty


Agroindustri yang dapat beradaptasi secara cerdas untuk menghadapi perubahan global di masa depan sehingga dapat menghasilkan produk-produk baru yang lebih inovatif untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pangan, energi, air, dan obat-obatan dengan teknologi pengolahan, sistem produksi dan strategi bisnis yang lebih baik serta didukung oleh teknologi informasi dan komunikasi mutakhir  (Sumber : Laporan Penelitian SMART TIN 2012 and2013; Proceedings of ICAIA 2012 and 2013 ).


—The design of today’s and tomorrow’s Agroindustry in Indonesia is a complex and difficult task and therefore it should be supported by advanced computing technology
—An important aspect of Computational Intelligence is adaptively which is covered by the fields of machine learning and computational neuroscience in order to achieve a sustainable agro-industry that can mitigate global climate change and at the same time secure food, water, energy and natural medicine supply.
—A continuation to the previous workshop


—To provide an effective forum for distinguished speakers, academicians, professionals and practitioners coming from universities, research institutions, government agencies and industries to share or exchange their ideas, experience and recent progress in Adaptive and Intelligent Agroindustry.

Target Audiences

—Researchers, Lecturers and Post graduate Students in Agroindustrial Technology, Computer Science and Industrial-Management  Engineering, Economics, Business and Management sciences are expected to attend this event.